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my memory has been deteriorating.

i don’t know if it’s conscious or unconscious.

doesn’t really matter.

however, it’s been the impetus to start journalling here.

i’ve tried to remain connected to old ways of doing things and i will continue to do so.

but with respect to writing, i feel i can get more out with me and a keyboard.

i’ve been reading start with why by simon sinek and it’s all about coming up with your WHY.

why you do things.

not how you do them or what you do, but why you do them.

why you’re a certain way.

not what your beliefs are, but why you believe what you do.

i’ve been trying to work from the bottom up but after reading this book, i’m going to try working top down.

so i’m in the midst of coming up with the whys for the important areas of my life.

fitness | family | fun | finances

why i do things in these areas has always been there.

now i’m simply becoming aware to them.